About Us

Welcome to E-School

2003 -
We commenced with a bijou building and it comprised of all basics of computer and fundamentals of languages.

2012 -
We inaugurated a new hub and our techno world began. Software developments, free lancing, hiring interns, placement of our trainees. All in one bowl. A huge success for us.

2020 -
We established a development unit which constitutes everything that a techno desires. It provides to trainees, the opportunity to work as a squad in live projects in which the standards of industry is maintained.

About E-school

We know it's not easy to acquire the job of your dreams in today's competitive world because everyone's working hard, giving the best of their abilities, spending extra hours on their projects and what not.

E-school will not only teach you how to work hard but also how to work smart. It will make you efficient enough to tackle the hindrances in your work on your own to achieve the job of your dreams.

We know that there are tons of training centres who provide various programs and so does E-school. But what makes us different?

  • Wide Range of Latest Courses!

We have a wide range of courses that you can choose to raise not only your knowledge but your employability quotient too. Some latest trends in job market are .NET, Java, Python, Android App Development, Flutter, AWS, Machine Learning, React, Node.js, React Native, PHP, Data Structures, C , C++ , DataBase Management and Administration.

  • Guaranteed Learning!

Once you join E-School for any course, we ensure that you learn the course contents completely and you pay only once. If you join that very course again for either brushing up for interviews or revising the complete course again in any running batch, we shall waive your complete fee. So, if you are ready to learn, learning is Guaranteed.

  • Certified Learning!

With a view to provide an added edge to our students during placements we provide them certificates which serve as a testimony of their successful completion of the mentioned course.

  • Free Practice Time with your Tech-Guru!

We offer you an unlimited practice time until you say, “Yes, Now I know this technology”. You can come without any hesitation! Study and hone your tech-skills.

Our Services

E-school provides you the best skilled and trained teachers in order to make you the best skilled and trained. We understand the ability of each individual and then work on them accordingly. Our only principle is to give the best of our efforts and help you in every possible field of the program.

  • Summer Training

We provide the most refined and a wide range of summer training courses which are set up to bring up a proficient, professional and well organized personnel

  • Internship
  • Stipend so 'Earn while you learn' opportunity
  • Valuable work experience through structured learning
  • Professional/ Conducive environment
  • Corporate grooming
  • Placement Assistance
  • Counselling for Aptitude detection
  • Resume Drafting by experts
  • Test series * for cracking coding tests
  • Mock interviews
  • Software Development

Highly skilled team to design Softwares as per individual requirement